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Pilgrim's Congregation Pilgrim's Congregation


Ministry of Worship
and the Arts invites individuals to participate in the worship service through planning arts events enhancing the worship service and supporting the congregation’s participation with ushers and acolytes. They also concern themselves with making visitors welcome.


Ministry of Christian Community is responsible for the community life of the church.

It includes many committees which offer many opportunities for support and participation!

  • The Fellowship Hour committee members make the coffee, help find and clean up things in the kitchen, and provide moral support for new participants.
  • Communication committee is concerned with communication within the congregation and with the larger neighborhood.
  • Cultural Diversity committee plans for opportunities to explore and participate in activities that expand and deepen our understanding of all people’s life perspective. They also sponsor the young person’s book club which focuses on the lives of young people around the world.
  • Emergency Support organizes contributions of food, transportation, assistance, etc. when the church is made aware that someone is in need from our congregation or from community neighbors.
  • Special Events committee organizes and provides opportunities for all church social events such as Easter breakfast, 4th of July all church picnic, Family Talent night, Men’s Retreat and Women’s Retreat weekends, and Family Fun such as game nights.
  • Leadership Development is also provided through participation in these committees and activities.

Ministry of Christian Outreach is responsible for Pilgrim's community service, larger UCC and Intra-church participation, interaction with the Pilgrim Community Nursery School, evangelism and charitable giving.

The Ministry of Stewardship and Finance is also made up of several committees.

  • Finance oversees our expenditures and income.
  • Missions maintains communication with the nursery school housed in our building, makes sure that portion of our pledges for mission gets allocated appropriately. It also organizes the annual trip to Kentucky to build housing where none would otherwise exist.
  • Donuts organizes and supervises the donut sales at the Farmers Market which provides many nonprofit organizations a fundraising opportunity.
  • Building & Grounds maintains our physical plant and supervises it’s use.
  • Stewardship organizes our annual Stewardship Campaign and year round Stewardship.


Ministry of Christian Education organizes and supervises all Sunday school programs for children, middlers, teens, and adults; the all church retreat each autumn; and church sponsored youth groups.


Deacons hold themselves responsible for our spiritual life. They support individuals in need of spiritual guidance or listening prayer. They pay attention to the membership and encourage members of the community to care for one another. Read more about our Diaconate....


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